Saturday, 23 May 2015

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This is the page listing all my blog entries on Malaysia.  Will update the pages soon,

Kuala Lumpur

Sipping coffee and admiring the latte foam art at Cofee Amo


2012 Trip

Settling down in hotel on Day 1.  Following day, having breakfast at Ah Lim Birthday Noodle and visited Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial.  In the afternoon, a trip up the Penang Hill and strolled in the Monkey Cup Garden.   Back in Penang town, cooling down with Joez Coconut.

Day 3, breakfast and lunch at  Midland Cafe and Spring Chamber @ the Sun.  After filling up my stomach, a visit to the famous Kok Lok Shi (Temple) and tasted the Air Itam Laksa by the foot of the temple.    Back in town, tried the char kuey teow stall at Lorong Selamat and moved into Hotel Chulia Heritage (Read more).    Later, Penang Old Town by night

Day 4: Fort Cornwallis and the Lighthouse  and Peranakan Mansion in the morning.  And it was Penang laksa and chendol before heading home


I have been to the Johore Temple Procession over the past few years, where the 5 deities of the various dialects were paraded on the 21st day of the Lunar First Month.  The festival in fact lasted 5 days, and will be of interest to visitors keen on culture matters.

Listings: 2013 ProcessionDeities leaving the Temple;