Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Trip to Guilin, Guangxi Province China

From 11 to 18 April, I took a trip to Guangxi Province, concentrating on the cities of Guilin and Yangshuo. Below was my itinerary.

Day 1:   Morning flight from Singapore to Guilin city, taking an airport bus to Yangshuo.  Staying at Durian Space (榴莲间) away from West Street.  In the late afternoon, had a coffee break at Durian Space Cafe (榴莲咖啡座) opened by the inn keeper.  Later took a stroll along West Street (阳朔西街) and had dinner at Chun Ji Restaurant (椿记烧鹅) nearby.  Caught the evening performance of Impressions of Liu San Jie (印象刘三姐) (Yangshuo Day 1)

Day 2:  In the morning, took a bamboo raft ride along the Yulong River  (遇龙江).  Back in Yangshuo,  tasted beer flavoured fish (啤酒鱼), visited Yangshuo Park (阳朔公园), and walking the West Street.  (Yangshuo Day 2)

Day 3 Visited  Xing Ping Old Town (西平), where we admired the scenery featured in the 20 Yuan note.  having nooldes at Shou Zi stall (廋子米粉) and proceeded to Guilin City.   In Guilin strolled along the Zheng Yang pedestrian street and took in the night scene of Guilin by boat (两江四湖夜游) (Guilin Day 1)
Day 4: A day trip to Crown Caves (冠岩), where we admired the views through various modes of transport.  Next visited the modest Gu Dong Waterfall (古东瀑布), where you could attempt the climb.  Having a good meal at Macau Restaurant  (澳门餐厅) back at Guilin Zheng Yang pedestrian Street. (Guan Yan and Gu Dong Waterfall)
Day 5: After breakfast at MacDonalds , took a peek at the Elephant Hill Park (象山公园) from outside,followed by lunch at Wang Cheng Vinegar Duck Restaurant (王城醋血鸭).  In the afternoon, pay homage to the Jing Jiang Official Residence ( 靖王城府) and climbed the Du Xiu Hill (独秀峰) next to it.  Went on the cruise again (两江四湖日游).  In the evening, after having diner at Wei Xiang Restaurant (味香馆),strolled along the lakes and saw the Sun Moon Pagoda (日月双塔). Guilin City

Day 6: Even though it may not have the best scenery in April, we still went on a day trip to Long Ji Rice Terrace (龙脊梯田, Dragon Bone Rice Terrace).

Day 7: A relaxing day in the city, visiting the Old Southern Gate and the Rong Lake area.  Trying out Shi Ji Noodles (石记米粉) and eating at Ah Gan Restaurant for the second time.
Guilin Day 7 and 8

Day 8: After breakfast, we headed to the airport, ending our enjoyable trip to Guilin.


Hotel rates:  In Guilin City, you can get a decent room at less than Y200.  In Yangshuo, it is around Y250 for a double room.

Food:  A bowl of Guilin noodles costs around Y6 to 10.  Dinner at restaurant cost around Y150 to 200.